Sneak Peek of My Bedroom Make-over and My Thrift Find of the Month...

Hi guys, as you know I worked on my bedroom all weekend...Sigh.  I did so much cleaning, organizing, dusting that my allergies are going crazy...Can't believe I was living in a dust bowl...I'm on the 11th floor...where does the dust come from?  UGH...anyway...

 I woke up early saturday and was one of the first people in the fabric store...I have lots of projects running around my head...and I couldn't wait to get, cushion covers for the throw pillows on my bed...I'm going for a global glam feel...this is a sample of what I bought...the room needs major gold accents...anything brass, glass or shinny...and I'm in love with this color blue...go figure.

As for the thrifty find of the month...tada!
I searched and searched all over the internet for the perfect (priced) arm chair...nothing...I hit up HomeGoods, Marshalls and TJMaxx...nothing.  Sigh.  Why do I even try?
...On the way home from Marshalls, I stopped in the Salvation Army...and what did I find? 

This chair...It was early in the morning and the donation truck was unloading in the parking lot...that's always a good sign...I was anxious to see what was coming in...and low and behold this little chair came off the truck.  Smile.  I made a beeline to the manager and asked her to price it right away...not something they normally do...but, they know she priced it...wait for it....$32.00!  Boom.
Many of you may know it from the IKEA 2011, 2012 catalog.
It's the Lillberg's adjustable...and it rocks...really, it rocks.  
This is why I thrift...I was going to spend $200 bucks on a new pretty chair...but, the universe had other plans.  I can't wait to cover those

Oh yeah...this is one of the tables I scored while thrifting last week.  I will sell them in my Etsy shop when I'm done working on this room.

Here's a sneak peek of how the room is coming easy feat.
More information on the details when I'm done...probably another week.  Stay tuned.


  1. No way! Is that last picture the room? Its truly amazing what paint can do. Its a whole different feel.

    1. Hey Armanda,
      Yes...that is my room...Can you believe it? You saw it I can't stop walking in and out...taking it all in...still have a few things to do...but, I'm really feeling it..


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