The choices are endless... that the room is up, what color should we use to accent the navy walls?

Orange and white...I love this combination.

Yellow and white seems to be the trend right now...hum.

I love the idea of accenting the room with grey, white and yellow.  Remember, I'm trying to do this make-over without spending any money...Well, I bought new sheets and pillow cases...I was going to buy new fabric for drapes...but, decided to re-use the drapes I already have...we'll see.

I also like this green and white color scheme...and I have a lot of green accessories that I could use if we go in this direction.

Stick around...If all works as planned this weekend you will see the big reveal next week.

Thanks for hanging with me and reading.


  1. Yellow would be the safest contrast but orange and beige and white would be awesome I think.

    I recently finished a remodel on my main bathroom and painted the walls navy. I decided to accent it with grey and white bcause the tile has beige.

    1. thanks...I think we are going with orange...i think...we'll see.


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