Good Morning - The New - New

I have been working so hard to get a couple of new items photographed and listed to my ETSY shop.  This is not an easy gig...First I have to source the items...rummaging through thrift stores, etc...I have to style the items...take the photos...many, many shots...just to get the one shot that shows the item in it's best light...upload all the photos to my mac...then I have to write the descriptions for each and every item...Oh yeah, I can't forget all the research I do to make sure I'm representing the item honestly...Then I go through all the steps necessary to add them to my Etsy site...then it goes live...and I wait, and wait for someone to push that sold someone in Australia did this morning...Thank YOU!

It's not work to me...I love it...from searching through thrift stores for the perfect, special piece to sharing them all with you guys...I'm passionate about what I do and I hope it shows.  I hope to one day travel the world bringing back all kinds of trinkets and treasures to share with everyone.

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Thanks to D for the wonderful camera...I couldn't do this without it...XOXO


  1. oh yes! i do relates to all those steps necessary to sell on etsy and online in general. but it is certainly a joy. that entrepreneurial spirit at work! :)

    (that little flower pot in the last photo is too cute.)


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