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Hey guys...I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend...Mini and I did...we went to the back to our beach for the first time since Super Storm Sandy.  The boardwalk is gone...only concrete pillars left behind...they are in the process of repairing it.  ...It's gonna take a while before things are back to normal at our beach...
We also made our way over to the High Line ParkChelsea Market and the African Burial Ground in downtown Manhattan...I love playing tourist in my own city.

Check out my instagram for photos...

Mini started her summer job today...working with 3 and 4 year olds at a neighborhood daycare...Day one went well...she said, it didn't feel like work...that's a good thing.

I just wanted to share with your guys a little DIY I did a while ago to house as my rings...I find that when I store them in a jewelry box I rarely wear them...and I had this piece of wood hanging around and decided to DIY a little jewelry caddy...On a DIY difficulty scale from 1 to 10...this is a 4.

 Supplies needed...extra long wood nails...a 2 x 4 cut to your desired length...a piece of chalk and a hammer...
 I drew a diamond pattern across the wood with chalk.
 ...then I place a nail at each cross point...instead of placing the nails side by side in a straight line...doing it this way leaves room for different sized rings to rest comfortably on the platform.
 ...viola...and there you have easy ring caddy.
It rests on my dresser...making it very easy to wear my jewelry everyday.


  1. That is cool. I like to see my jewels as well too. Most of my storage is transparent.

  2. That's super cute!! I hope your Mini has lots of fun this Summer at her job, I remember my first Summer job like it was yesterday!!

    1. Hi Katrina, would think Mini was a CEO or something...she takes everything so She loves when the kids call her Miss...

  3. SO love this! I'm trying this tomorrow. :) Thank you, dear!

    1. Lesley, please post a pic...i'd love to see it.


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