SIGH!  I did it!  Yes.  Did that! (sorry...that's my new favorite saying...smile)
I can't give a blow by blow post of how it happened...I just walked 3.5 miles and I'm tired...but, I didn't want to leave you guys hanging...so, I'm posting a couple of photos of my fab new terrace...blood, sweat and tears people...but, sooooo worth it...
More on how it all went down later in the week...
For now I will just enjoy the fruits of my labor...margarita anyone?

Okay...just in case you forgot how far we have come...here's a little reminder.
 ...this was my terrace just this past weekend...

 ...and this was all the junk I had to find a place for...not an easy task people...but, I did it...

...Oh.  Remember this little bugger?  Well, she's pretty now, right?
...no money was spent to make this transformation happen...I already owned everything you see...most of it from the thrift store...


  1. Wow, what a transformation! It looks like a place I could have a glass of something with my girlfriends.

  2. Hey Sing, next time your in the NYC...there's a cocktail with your name on it on my terrace....thanks.

  3. Looks GREAT! Cozy & Inviting! Now don't fall asleep out there!! Enjoy!

  4. oooooo...i wanna come! looks so cozy.:-) great work.

  5. So niiice! I love the hanging plants on your privacy blinds! This is awesome.

  6. margarita, yes please! it's so pretty! I love your design aesthetic--i officially want to live on your terrace.lol

  7. Ohhh, I wanna come over too. I'll bring fixins for guacamole since you're providing the margaritas!

  8. wow, you did a great job - you created an oasis! Kuddos for all the woodworking that was required too. You had a vision and it came to life!

  9. I absolutely adore your terrace! Everything looks wonderful... You created the perfect "chill with a view" spot. The eclectic ambience is perfect to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.. I have to ask... Where did you find the furry white seat covers... I'm sooooo like fiending them

    1. Hi Jamala,

      I purchased the furry white chair covers from IKEA...for just $12.99 each...thanks for asking.

    2. Thanks for the info... Gotta get them for my gazebo


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