It's Video Tuesday...and creative fly girls like this...just make me want to grind harder...Inspiration is everywhere

I just created a Valerie June, Pandora station...I'm inspired to get some work done...

My to do list...

1.  Design maxi dress  IN PROGRESS
2.  Photograph and upload products to my Etsy shop       DONE
3.  Go to Trader Joe's   DONE 
4.  Clean out my hall closet  DONE
5.  Organize my Etsy products in the hall closet
6.  Go to the movies to see the Great Gatsby
7.  Make a dress with my girlfriend to be auctioned off
8.  Pay my cable bill...UGH!  DONE
7.  Mop the kitchen...double UGH!
8.  Do my hair...sigh. DONE
9.  Return plants to HomeDepot
10.  Pack up donations for the Salvation Army DONE
11.  Visit the Thrift Store DONE
12.  Visit the garden center ...pic plants for terrace

Inspiring me today...


  1. oh yes, valerie june is an inspiration. she's doing her thing.

    in regards to the part about doing your hair, i've been negligent in that area and am now dealing with some unintentional locs forming up there that i can't do anything with except cut out. uuugh....

    1. unintentional locs...girl, I thought I was I know how it can happen...


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