It's Going Down This Weekend...'s going down this weekend...said with crossed fingers.  My terrace make-over that is.
I'm heading out to the garden center today...they are having a 50% off sale...let's see what I can get to liven this place up a bit...Oh yeah, sidebar, I have done nothing else with the dress I started this week...
Design ADD people...I gotta focus.  Back to my terrace...

Yeah...those trees went back to Home Depot yesterday...FAIL...they took them back with no questions asked.  Thanks Home Depot! for a little inspiration and motivation I have these images.
I love the idea of hanging things from the fence...hum.

this is so me...mixture of patterns and textures...I'm making my day bed this weekend too...stay tuned for that...said with fingers crossed behind my back.

...more pattern and bohemian goodness.

I love all the potted plants and the fireplace...sigh. 

I love this too...I'm still a shabby chic girl at romantic

...and then there is this modern contemporary feel...I know...I'm all over the place on this one...stay tuned to see how it all turns out...Have a great weekend!


  1. I can't wait to see what you do. I know it will be fab!

    BTW I never knew you could take back dead plant to Home Depot until I witnessed it myself! Yep a lady was returning dead tomato plants! She had her receipt and they took them back!

    50% off is THE time to get plants!!


    1. Hey lady...Yes, HomeDepot will take your dead plants back within a year of purchasing...with questions asked...I keep all receipts...Mini laughs at me...have a great weekend...Im out to shop for flowers...God is good.

  2. Maybe the terrace is a chance to embrace a style you don't currently have in your apartment?

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  4. I'm sure it will look lovely once your done, have fun decorating!


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