Soul Pretty at the Flea Market...

...Here are a couple of images from two weeks ago when I rented a booth at the GreeneFleaMarket on 78th and Columbus in Manhattan.

I made some coins but, it was a lot of work...set up and break down was no joke...I still have stuff in my trunk that I have to bring up to the apartment...UGH!

 ...a guy checking out my wares...

 ...the booth across from me sells handmade wooden tables, etc...pretty pricey.

 ...there are characters at every flea market and this lady in pink was no exception...she was told to put on some clothes and she said, "how do you expect me to catch any fish that way?"...LOL, you go girl.

 Mini took this pic...I love the way the vines are growing across the building...

 ..this vendor was selling all shoes and boots for just $12.00!  I had my eye on a pair all day (she was directly across from me) and just when I went to purchase them...they were gone.
I was a little disappointed...until Mother's Day, when my Mini surprised me with them for Mother's Day!  What!?!?  That girl is so sweet...I can't stand it...She went over and bought them when I left her alone during one of my bathroom
I have a pic of me wearing them on mother's day, but I can't get it off my phone...I have to wait for Mini to return home from school today...she'll help me post it.

 ...that's me...the braids are gone now...I took them down.

 My mini and her BF...helped me out all day...when they weren't goofing around.

all in all a great day...I would do it again...I just need to be better organized next time...


  1. That looks kind of fun. Love me a good market.

  2. You look great! And this looks like so much fun. $12 boots thought?! Such a steal!
    I wish there was a flea market nearby so I can sell all of the things i've accumulated, there's no way I can haul it to NY to sell. lol

  3. thanks for sharing. great photos! (i love the little giraffe and bowl.) vending can definitely be lots of work. when it pays off though, it's great. when it doesn't, i tend to never want to do it again, lol!


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