Another Easy DIY - Organization

So, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend...I did.
Mini went to North Carolina with her dad for their annual family reunion...
and I got in a little picnic in the park and lot's of me time...follow me on instagram to see photos in real time.

I ate so much crap this weekend...I decided to organize my fridge with healthy foods... just really makes it easier for Mini and I to eat better

I reuse take-out containers for storage...
It's really easy to do...and I have blogged about it before...
...just take the time to cut up all your fruits and veggies when you bring them home from the them in containers and viola...instant salad bar every time you open the fridge.

I also picked up a couple of place mats from the dollar store to use in my refrigerator bins. the fridge is not one of my favorite past times...I saw on Pinterest where someone put place mats in the bottom of their fridge draws to keep them just remove the place mats and wash when dirty...leaving the actual bins clean as a whistle...

So you know I had to try it...I purchased the zebra pattern place mats for a $1.00 each.  Try to get the flimsy type...

...they are easy to cut and shape to fit your bins perfectly...

done...zebra print in the fridge.

Yep.  I think I'll have a nice salad for lunch.


  1. Good idea with both the placemats and cutting up the fruits when you buy em.

  2. I am all over that placemat idea...

  3. I need this in my life right now. Its been hard to eat well getting things packed up. Organization is key.

  4. You know I'm going to do this right? :)

  5. Too creative ..gonna try this out


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