I'm thinking about...A Soul Pretty Pop-up Shop

...hosting a POP UP sale in NYC.

When:  sometime in April

Selling:  all the fab vintage, furniture and clothing I find but can't keep...also, all the things listed on my Etsy site...I wanna start making pillows and t-shirts again to sell...etc.

Venue:  a restaurant in midtown manhattan

Atmosphere:  vintage, clothing, furniture, accessories...cupcakes...food...music...drinks...cool people?

Not sure if I can pull it off...but, I think I'm ready to give it a try...

  It could be FUN...and I'd love to meet some of you guys in person...

So, I'll keep you posted as things develop...


  1. How I would LOVE to pop up in New York for your Pop Up sale!

    1. Smile...How I would LOVE to see you there....smooches.

  2. YES I was literally looking up how to pull off this thing here in Atlanta a few hours ago. lol!
    I wish I was in NYC to see how its done!
    If anyone can do this thing fabulously; you can. Good luck, have photos!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Tami,

      I'm really thinking about it...but it's going to take focus...have a great weekend.


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