I'm gonna do it...

Box braids coming soon...


  1. Yes I did it. I love them. I needed a break from doing my own head. I think I will do braids for about 3 months with a touch up in between.

    I'm going to dread taking them down though!

  2. ooo do them! I just put in yarn braids over the weekend. It took forever, but it was so worth it, they're soft and so light weight!

  3. ok, now i see the inspiration. nice!

    this is nearly the only hair style i wore during my teen years. my mom was a pro at doing them, so i took advantage!

  4. I've been rocking big waist length poetic justice/solange box braids since last spring - love them! on a min-break right now giving my hair a breather, but they're going back in next week.

    1. waist length???? I was going to go there...but, I hate trying to sleep on them...ugh! Maybe in the summer. Take a photo when you put your back in...I'd love to see them...


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