Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas

I was recently given two beautiful cookbooks to review.

Cooking Confidence, by Joanne Weir 
Modern Flavors of Arabia, by Suzanne Husseini

Now, I love a good cookbook and I own many...

Cookbooks were one of the things I indulged in when I had lots of disposable

So you know I was excited when these two puppies came in the mail...It's been a while since I bought one for myself...YEAH!

and let me tell you they did not disappoint.

some of you may know the author Joanne Weir from her cooking show on PBS...where she gives all the little details that really make you want to cook...after watching her show or reading her book you will feel like..."I can do that."

The second book, Modern Flavors of Arabia...sigh.  

Now, this book is right up my alley...loaded with beautiful pics of food, family and friends...I love cookbooks that mix family stories with great, easy to follow recipes...and this book does not disappoint.


While flipping through the books I thought, ...wouldn't it be nice and different to purchase a cookbook this week...

choose a recipe...head to the grocery store and pic up all the ingredients...

then on Valentine's Day, you and your significant other can make a meal together...from the book.

...and why not commit to making at least one meal from the book together each month...that way Valentines Day will last longer than a DAY.

Don't forget the cocktails.



  1. I love Sambousek! I have a friend that married a man from Somalia. His mother came to the USA and made this from scratch. She spoke no English! Her son translated while his wife, my friend, helped and I wrote down the recipe! I have never made this. My friend has it MASTERED! It is delcious! She usually makes batches to freeze eat during Ramadan, breaking fast. It is a combursome recipe, but oh so good!!!

  2. I love recipe books, especially the ones with pictures, they're so helpful and they help me get out of my comfort zone with cooking :D.

    1. Hi Anca,

      If you love beautiful photographs and cookbooks...these two are for you...

  3. I love cookbooks with personal touches--I'll have to check out Modern Flavors of Arabia, the pictures are mouth-watering! I also like the idea of cooking a meal with your valentine--how romantic! :)

    1. Hi Haley,

      You won't be disappointed...this cook book has lots of stories, photos and great recipes...


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