Me and Pinterest

Pinterest and I have really been hanging out lately.

wanna see where we've been and what we have pinned?

...and don't be afraid to follow me there...Pinterest loves stalkers.



  1. Once I started I realized - that is what I mainly liked about the internet - pictures! I don't read really long blog posts and maybe delve in to news articles that are really important (to myself). But it is really the pictures! Pinterest really cuts out the need to "find" blogs and those pictures. Glad we can find you there too!

  2. It surely is addictive...I heard that Instagram is also. Haven't tried that yet.

    The internet seems to be one huge global message board with different ways(photos, words, videos) to get people to comment.

  3. It's addictive. I'm at 101 boards! I love it! Instagram is my new addiction!

    I'll look you up on Pinterest! : )


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