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when it comes to interior design for your bedroom dark rooms are sexy.

it doesn't take much interior design expertise to make it happen.

paint a wall black...add gold accents...keep the accessories shinny.

I have posted a couple of interior design pictures and ideas for the perfect dark, sexy, bedroom.


  1. These designs are incredible, ,mainly the first one. I just simply wish that I too have a room like this. Really awesome Interior design for homes. Thumps up for these designs. (Y)

  2. Nice look of interior design it is really cool

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  3. My favorite is the design of modern sleeping room with black and white. Gold chandelier color does add a beautiful room. An interesting picture.

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  5. in which the master suite, outfitting room and office can be found. Inform us if you find the interior design of this Duplex well suited for a young family with youngsters like it


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