This is why decorators make the big

You will wish you had a decorator as a friend after watching this room make-over.

We just see things differently.

If I were invited over to your house, trust that I will be mentally moving your furniture around as we talk about our kids...I can't help it...Know that I do it out of love and passion.


  1. Love your blog! This so reminds me of how I am with my friends. I've repainted and rearranged their houses (and sometimes wardrobes). I'm not a decorator by profession, but I daydream about it. Maybe one day when I'm no longer a cog in the machine....

    1. Hi TJ...thanks for commenting. It's the only way I find new blogs...

  2. Ha, I do the same thing. As soon as I walk into someone's home, I'm like why don't they get that sofa off the wall and everything else, it's not a bowling alley. That is the #1 thing I see people do wrong, argh. And those generic art pictures, double argh.


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