Sisal Rug Inspiration

Trend Spotting is a new post idea here at Soul Pretty.  I read a lot of design blogs and I'm starting to notice a lot of trends that I'd like to track here on my blog...

First up, layered sisal this is a tread I can get behind...especially when they are layered like those in the photos I have posted here.

I heart sisal rugs...they are so natural and durable...and they feel great on bare feet...

....since most sisal rugs come in solid can add a little more interest if you layer them with a cool pattern rug...perfect for creating the relaxed bohemian look I love.

Check out The Perfect Rug  if your in the market for a new sisal rug (free shipping).


  1. Gret photos! I have not gotten into the Sisal rug trend. But then, I'm Old Skool!

  2. Good morning....I'm old skool Have a good weekend.

  3. Love the layering against a bare floor. A keeper.

  4. yeah, i like it, too! i really like the set up in the second to last photo.


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