Have you heard about this thing called "PINTEREST"?

Of course you have.

I have been avoiding joining...

I really didn't need a another social networking site taking up my time...

and then I hung out over there this weekend...

and I'm hooked.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that the internet is the Devil.

It just sucks you in.

You go online for one thing and 2 hours later realize you have just been online for 2 hours and you didn't even accomplish what you originally set out to do...lol.

Pinterest is definitely one of those sites.

Check it out for yourself...if you have 2 hours to spare.

Soul Pretty on Pinterest.

how i'd like to live today.


  1. I just joined recently as well. My friends kept saying how they found so many cool things on pinterest so I couldn't avoid it any longer. I will check out your boards.

  2. I'll check out your board as well.

    Social media is really something else, like you said? Where it ends or begins no one knows...All I know its hard to focus on offline stuff...LOL...


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