Another Easy DIY

The other day while re-arranging the things on my living room wall...

I remembered I had this mirror in the closet...

Oh, perfect.  Or so I thought...

Just one problem...

It was wired to hang horizontally and I wanted to hang it vertically....sigh.

My first thought was to go through my tool box to find extra hooks and wire to re-orientate the hanging direction...huh?

...then it hit me

Why not just re-use the hooks that are already on the back of the mirror?

...So I got out my trusty screwdriver and removed the hooks and placed them where I wanted them.

Easy peasie...

I thought this info could be useful to you guys...

wired to hang horizontally...I needed to hang it vertically

So, I removed two screws...real easy can see the old holes in this photo...and it's done... what I needed.


  1. i love the rich tones and patterns paired with the white in that room! so cozy and inviting.

    great job on repositioning the hooks. that's what i appreciate about being handy.


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