I found these cute little love peacocks while thrifting...

 Aren't they cute?

I liked them when they looked like this too...

 I was torn about painting them...but, I really needed them to work in this bedroom.

 ...and I painted my bed white...not sure it will stay that color...we'll see.  I try to keep the color palette similar in every room I do...cause, you never know when those nightstands will be in my kitchen or living room, bathroom, etc...I wanted to paint them a wild, unexpected color...but knowing how I like to change things on a just would not have worked.

Now, that I'm looking at this photo...I think the bed should be black...hum.  Stay tuned.

 ...I added the lamps to my side table...

 ...after spray painting my lamp shades black.

Oh, love birds...


  1. Great find and diy! The black headboard would add a nice dramatic touch/contrast. Your room is so well balanced...i have yet to master this. lol...

  2. Those love birds are beautiful. I like how the mirrors reflect some powerful images.
    The color of the nightstands would also look good for the headboard(I think...I'm sure you'll find the best color...)
    Loving your room.
    Those lamps are so cute; I've not seen those before.

    1. Hey Sandra,

      Thanks. I had those mirrors in the closet...sigh.

  3. maybe the headboard could be a neutral gray. and i love the birds also.

    1. Thanks Bing, I was thinking about grey...I'll know better after I find my dresser.

  4. ijust love the way you design your spaces! the bedroom elements work so well together, and it looks quite comfortable, too.

    the peacocks were a great find.

  5. I really like the birds, nice touch and so serene for a bedroom.


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