Inspiration and tips for taking better pictures

I have a folder on my computer where I store images that inspire me to take better poses, great styling, hair do's or make-up...and since my camera is a little wonky right now I thought it would be cool to share some of the images with you guys and inspire you to take better photos to post to your facebook page...

perfect pose for when you are trying to hide yet still be sexy...

 cool group shoot...the body of the girl in front faces the middle person, back person faces the middle person.  Pose for the camera and snap.

 tip for looking slimmer in photos...bend forward from the waist...make shapes with your arms so they're not flat against your body...put your chin up...remember the school photographer always asking you to put your chin up...yeah...there is a method to their really works.  Makes your neck look longer...and pose...Beverly Johnson once said, don't be afraid to pose...that's how you get the best shot.

...shoulder in front of face...part the lips...this is an old Top Model tip...remember when Mini and I used to watch that show every week?  Is it still on tv?

 try taking a photo while sitting on the floor...simple.

Great baby shot...wrap the baby up on your back and

Can't get enough of this image...may have to get a print for my bedroom... fav.  LOVE


  1. nice...great ideas.
    I need to pose like the second picture in bed...LOL. Lord knows I need help.
    You and Mini have struck the look of the woman in green.
    I love these tips.


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