So, what did you do this weekend?

I made a

My old wicker head board really wasn't cutting it in my new, while searching the web for inspiration...I came across this lovely ladies video on how to make an upholstered headboard...and that's when I had my "ahha" moment...

I could do that without having to buy anything...I love when that happens...

I already had the fabric laying around...I purchased it some time ago...and it never really went well with any room in my place...until now.
...the colors are's a tapestry fabric and the grid pattern on the fabric made it so easy to place the tucks evenly...

I L.O.V.E. it....wanna know what I love most about it?  I can change it at anytime...SMILE...I can already imagine it in the spring/summer covered in linen...with all white drapes and bedding in the room...
...for now, I'm just going to enjoy how well the room is coming together...I actually sat in there yesterday and watched a Lifetime movie on my
...this is how it came together...check out this video if you want detailed instructions on how to make your own...on a DIY scale of 1 to 10...this is probably a 6...totally doable.


  1. Wow it is a stunning piece. I love the direction the room is going in, so boho and relaxing.

  2. It's gorgeous! So YOU! I "Painted" my bed this weekend!

    1. Hey, did you post your bed project?

    2. Yes, posted it late Monday, I think. Still working on that same room too! :)

  3. Ah...beautiful...and one of a kind...give me that room now!


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