Good Morning...Weekend in Review

A couple of shots from our weekend...Mini making breakfast after washing her hair...She's really getting the hang of her natural hair...spends hours on Youtube watching girls and their hair routines...

 ...spy my old mirror has moved into the kitchen...I heart this pic.
 smile...b4 and after the curling iron.

 I made lemon/basil roasted chicken...YUM!  Some friends came over to help us eat it no pics...but, it was good.

I got flowers for my new vase... bedroom was painted.  I ended up going back to HomeDepot and picked up another oops paint...this one was a little lighter brown then my original choice...I really like it...and look, I even made up my bed...stay tuned for the big reveal...

 ...yesterday was our annual community festival...the weather was perfect.

 ...there was an old soul band... enjoying a treat..., mini donuts...YUM!

 Mini's hair...finally. words.

...there wasn't much to see in terms of vendors...if you've seen one street festival you've seen them all...African Art, incense, t-shirts, jewelry...
...this ladies booth reminded me of how I used to sell the exact same thing at the festival years ago...I used to paint flower pots and sell  I didn't rent a space this year...DUH!  Not sure what I was thinking...I have so much stuff to sell...missed opportunity.

 ...If you love fried would have been in heaven...

 DJ kept the crowd moving...

....even Obama came to the party...wouldn't you just love to step out of the shower and dry off with an Obama

and don't forget tomorrow is September 11th...every year a wreath is laid for all the people from our community who died on that day...and there were many.


  1. Nice to see Mini embrassing her natural hair.

    1. Sing, not sure if you remember how bad she wanted a perm b4 she said she will never perm her hair!

    2. That makes my heart smile ; ) And to be so took me years. I'm not anti-perm, but I do think every woman should know their real texture before they decide to alter it.

  2. I love how you are constantly modifying your space to suit your needs/wishes. And YouTube is a black hole once I get on there and start watching hair and make up tutorials. :) The festival looked like fun. My husband has been so busy this summer that we haven't been able to take in almost any of the festivities around here. He only wants to watch soccer on his one sort of off day a week. The Obama towel cracked me up! I forgot about how much random POTUS merchandise is floating around out there! :)

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Girl, I have design I can't stop moving things around...I gotta get me one of those Obama There is a bodega in my neighborhood called, "The Obama Deli"...sigh.

  3. cute
    Now I'm hungry
    And I'm wondering about the black cut out pants(just wondering ;-)
    Love your kitchen
    and the bedroom is coming along nicely...

    1. Sandra,

      Now you know I love fashion and can appreciate all types...I just want to know what she was thinking when she put those on...

      Did she say, "damn, I look good" or "oh well, it's the only thing clean"??????

  4. I love seeing pics of your weekend!! :) I have many half pics of my self too, while doing my hair, lol :)

    1. Hi Mrs. Chic, how are things going? It's good to hear what readers like and don't like about the blog...I'll post more real life pics...

  5. i always love your pics! mini's suct a cutie.

    lol @ the black cut out spandex tights! they remind me of a pair a friend of mine had on in a pick on facebook...'cept these had one circular cutout on the inner *those* i would rock. they've been on my mind every since i saw that pic. sexy chic!


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