How I'd Love to Live Today...

...I want a tulip table with bistro chairs

 eclectic love
 ...just 20% more sophisticated than my space...
...Yes, yes, yes...I need this in my bedroom to help organize all my jewelry...

 ...I love a well staged bookshelf...
...If only my kitchen were this clean and organized...sigh.

 ...where I'd love to be today...sigh.
too cute...If only my Mini was just 10 years younger...this would happen to her hair tonight.

Can you fall in love with furniture?

So beautiful and peaceful...I can just see myself walking this street after a long dinner know the kind you don't want to end...sigh.  It's been a long time since I had one of those...


  1. All of this is lovely.

    Where oh where is this tree lined street???

    1. Hey, Lisa...I tried to get the location of that photo...I believe it is somewhere in D.C.

  2. What Lisa said. WOW!!! Oh and yes you can fall in love with furniture. Especially pieces like that!!

    1. Hey are you? Long time no hear...

    2. I couldn't leave a message on your blog for forever. Glad I'm finally allowed back on. :) That MUST be up in NW like Georgetown or near the embassies, I can't imagine where else the cobblestones and georgian style houses would be. I would LOVE it to be D.C. At least it's more accessible than say France in the short term.


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