...what day is it?

...I am knee deep in party planning mode.  Smile.  It's like I'm in elementary school again...with all the glue and glitter going on in my home...and I love it!  I forgot how much I love it...I have to confess...
Hi, my name is Soul Pretty and I LOVE crafting!  lol.

I love the internet too.  When I began this Sweet16 Planning journey, Mini was just going to have a little party with food and music...but, the more I researched ideas on the net...the deeper this party gets...I had no idea about all the details that go into a Sweet 16 celebration...WhoKnew?

...You see this?  This is a Sweet Sixteen Candelabra.  I know...I had no clue what it was for the first time I saw it...smile.

It's used during the candle lighting ceremony...I know your thinking, "what's a candle lighting ceremony?"  During the party the birthday girl...lights one candle, 17 in all for all the special people or things in their life...Ohhh...Mini loved the idea...So you know what that means, mama had to make one...I have way more skills than money...and after finding out that they sell for $150.00 bucks...I spent  all day working on it...It turned out so pretty...I mean, Soul Pretty...smile.  How to and photos will be posted after the party.

...discover more great party ideas here.


  1. Oh you can make that candleabra. I look forward to seeing the end results!

  2. Hi,
    I couldn't find a way to message you. I'm looking for guest bloggers for our website. And I think you might be a great fit. We're formally Timeless Event Planning now Haute Party and Craft the makers of the candelabra above :-). Hope to hear from you.



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