Thursday's Thought, Wu Tang...really.


  1. Wu Tang is right. One of my parents recently was in a car accident and in ICU and the people who showed up are the ones he can count on. It takes a tragedy sometime to find out who is in your corner.
    Grief is a hard thing and sometimes people deal with it differently. And we can often perceive that someone is withdrawing when in fact they are in pain.
    Wu Tang is on point. Sometimes, unlike Wu Tang, I forget that when people appear not to show up it could have something not to do with me.
    My dad is finding that out.

    1. Oh Sandra, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad...I'm sending good vibrations and prayers your way....I knew something was up when I had not heard from you in a while...

    2. Thank you so much for responding and understanding. I've been under the weather. But time will heal.

  2. This is so true...once you internalise this, life becomes so much better!

  3. Hi Le Petite Moustache....thanks for commenting...


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