Manifest Monday...March 4, 2008

...On March 4, 2008, I did a post about how Mini was planning her sweet 16 party...(read about it here).  She was just 11 years old and I was a little frustrated because she was about to miss the school bus.  Well, here we are 4 years later and Mini's dream of a sweet 16 party is coming true...just as she planned.

I say all this to encourage you to dream and plan for what you want.  Just write it down...that can happen...and probably will.  Mini did.

This is a photo of Mini's vision book from 4 years ago...we can't find the book...I'm so glad I took a pic and posted it on the blog...

...sidebar, it's desk has been many places in my apartment over the years...In the photo above it was in front of the window...I recently moved it back in front of the window...first time in 4 years...hum...coincidence?


  1. I love the idea of a vision book. My seven year old son has some "obsessions" that I think he should put in a vision book. He dreams about designing sporty cars, living in a mansion, what all of this should look like,,,and talks about it constantly. I'm going to encourage all of his ideas in a vision book. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Looking forward to seeing posts of Mini's sweet 16!

  2. Hi Lisa, encourage your son to write down his dreams...they will come true...and anytime he gets distracted or off track, he'll have the book to encourage him and show him what's really important. Look for posts of Mini's Sweet 16 next week...

  3. Awwww..this totally made me tear up! :-) I hope Mini has the best, best time ever!!

    1. Hi Tina,...I hope I can keep it together during her party...she is getting nervous and excited...


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