First Tutorial...

How I made Mini's Sweet 16 Candelabra

First, I cut out Mini's name in cardboard with an exact o knife.
Next,  I painted it with flat wall paint.

In order to get the tiered wedding cake effect you need to find 3 boxes in different sizes.

I wrapped the boxes like gifts...using dollar store wrapping paper. can embellish it any way you like...I used a traditional bow.

....after all the boxes are glue them one on top of the other...and continue to decorate them as you like...add bows, trinkets, glitter, crystals...anything.

I found this decor item at the dollar worked perfectly.

I used glitter and elmer's glue to give the name plate a little more bling...'s easy to do...I'm sure you did it in kindergarten...cover the item with clue and just sprinkle the glitter over the glue...shake off the excess glitter and your done.

I used a $2.00 bag of feathers...glued them one by one onto a circular piece of cardboard...

...and attached a decorative crystal to cover the raw edges...

I hot glued the feather to the top of the box and viola...done, and done.
I cut 17 small holes all around the bottom box...just big enough to insert a candle...I candles did move and fall at I just pushed a small piece of tissue paper into each hole to hold the candles steady...and it worked...
All in all it took about 2 hours to make and cost just, hum, $6.00...not bad.
I think this would be a great decoration for any type of could be used as a centerpiece or a card box...


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