How I'd love to live today...sigh.

Oh, what a long started out well, but took a surprising mini passed out while taking a shower...she felt dizzy, next thing she knew she was waking up on the floor of the tub...she is feeling fine want us to monitor her...she's doing Zumba right now...sigh. I'm distracting myself by looking at pretty rooms...trying hard not to worry...


  1. Mini and you are in my prayers. Hope it is nothing serious. Perhaps too much exercise.

  2. Hey Sandra, thanks lady...I think Mini is trying to distract herself from worrying too...with exercise...sigh.

  3. What? ok tell Hunter I said to sit down for a while and take it easy.

    1. know you can't stop that girl...I tried to keep her home, but her talent show was yesterday...and they have the rest of the week off...some kids have to take regents...she doesn't, so she's off until Monday...

  4. Oh no, I hope it's not serious.

  5. I hope everything is okay... It will be. I can't believe she's up exercising though. Well get it girl! lol ...and take a break and have a green smoothie to recharge.


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