Sweet 16

...my computer is going nuts...I think it's tired of looking at sweet 16 photos and videos. I have to do my research...I have never planned a sweet16 party...there's so much I didn't know...it's kinda like a bat mitzvah...and mini has been to a couple of those so my girl has lots of crazy teenage ideas...and I'm trying hard to control the budget and give her the party she deserves...not easy...

These are just a couple of ideas that caught our eye...

Mini loves the colors on this cake...

...she wants a long dress and a short dress...

...there will be a candy bar...this one is perfectly simple and colorful...who doesn't love a candy bar?

...we will not be going this far.  

A life size cake of the birthday girl...don't get me wrong, I love it!   I appreciate the passion and creativity that went into bringing this cake to life...and I would love to attend a party with such a cake...just not Mini's party...again, it's pretty.


  1. Sweet sixteen parties can be difficult. Back in the old days: you wore a prom like dress and had some cake and punch and first dance with Daddy and then danced away until midnight(if you were lucky) pretty boring compared with all the offerings today.

    So far the choices are interesting. I think its going to work out. I agree the pink cupcake head thing is too much LOL


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