Reality Living...Decorating in three's

...sometimes I feel like I show rooms that are not attainable for the average family...sort of how runway fashion is not the reality of what we really wear...It's a fantasy and inspiration.
I ran across this image and thought, "oh, this is the perfect example of a livable living room...attainable for most people"  Looks like nothing here is thrifted...everything is attainable at most of your big box stores...totally doable for the average family...and I just love it.  

 The furniture is neutral...accents are the stars here and are easily interchangeable with the seasons or your mood...
 ...everything is fresh and on trend...the accent color is used at least 3 times...yellow rug, yellow dining chairs, yellow flowers...also, black is also used more than 3 times, grounding the space.  Check out how the color blue was used...on the pillows, the flower vase and they even snuck it in on the dining room chair legs...again in 3's...
I think this space really works because the home owner is not afraid to mix up colors and patterns.  That's really the hardest thing for most people to do...If you look around your space I bet you'll see your pillows match your rug...your rug matche your curtains, etc...decorating this way makes your space look flat and time, remember this room and try mixing things up...I think you'll like it.


  1. Love the whole look reminds me of my apt , that rug was in homegoods,

    1. You know I was thinking about your place when I saw this...just like your place...and see how they have the little table and chair in the corner...cute...

  2. yeap it sure does now I have to go and get my table and chair set and go back to homegoods for more throw rugs


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