Look of the Day...

Today's look is bought to you by Ms. KK...It's rainy today, so I will be wearing boots...I don't own a Balenciaga bag either...but, I could pick one up on the street today for just $30.00 bucks...or you could go here and get a real one...priorities please, people.


  1. I'll take the 30 dollar one....LOL

    1. ...would you believe I saw a small, red, knock-off in the Salvation Army today for $4.00? No camera...ugh.

  2. So... next time I have a couple grand to spare I just might splurge (Bwahahahahahahaa - with four kids and college bills that's not gonna happen!) On the other hand, I'm all over the thrift thing, and if I get lucky I'll even find a well-built look alike in real leather!


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