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ABC Carpet & Home
I took this photo on my last visit...I feel in love with all the velvet bedding...cost?  Thousands, and thousands of dollars...But, oh so beautiful.  

Simple, bohemian style...almost bohemian glam...


 ...this is a great DIY.  The mom found the cabinets while thrifting...a paint coat or two... and a little moulding later...perfect bookshelves for her girls bedroom...Find that at Pottery Barn Kids?  ...I don't think so.


Traditional with a bohemian bent...



This room is so me...sigh.  I know it's not for everyone...lol.  Not for most...I love everything about it...maybe not the dark blue walls...but, even those I could live with...You know what I really like about this room?  I own almost everything needed to recreate it.  Smile.

Contemporary/Casual...check out the umbra painted shelves...clever.

I'm really digging the color of the walls...If I can find this color in the OOP's paint section of Home Depot I'd paint my bedroom....again.

This room has very traditional furniture covered in bohemian fabrics...I like it. 

Oh, I don't know what to call this room...just cute.  How easy is it to use a clorox pen on a colored duvet and write what ever you want on it.
How about, "Happily Every After"...over and over and over...love that.

Lollipop, lollipop, lifesaver lollipop...

What young woman wouldn't love this room...cool.

I'm in love with the wood headboard.



...Plants in the bedroom...Yes or no?


  1. Cute bedroom overload! I want to take a nap in the "coastal" and read a magazine/try on clothes in the bohemian bedroom.

  2. I love what you did with those cabinets!! I am totally envious of those that the ability to see discarded pieces and envision them being something beautiful and grand. Amazing!!

    1. Hey Mrstdj...I didn't do that...another talented blogger did that...I liked to her site in the post...you should check her out...she's good...

  3. You are killing me over here. I'm beyond sleepy; I'm in a dream world.

    1. I know...I just woke up and I'm sleepy already...

  4. Not at all! I loved all above images! I was scrolling down and enjoying a lot your words. I really love white color and often choose for my home decor and that's why I love white bedroom furniture too. The above white bedrooms are most adorable for me. Anyway, thanks for sharing this beautiful post rather than exhausted.


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