How I'd Like to Live Today

 I love this...I will make these curtains for my next bathroom time soon...maybe this winter.

Sigh...Where do I start?  the floors, sigh...the rug, sigh...(Can I pull this off with the place mats I see in the $1 store...hum??) The doors...sigh...and last but not least....the took all I had not to buy a canvas and try to recreate this immediately...

...Yep...I'd' be this tiny for a day and wear cool jeans like this.

OMG...this would be my kitchen and I'd invite you over for coffee and gossip.

I'd blog from post would probably be better if I had a view like this...I have a pretty nice view now, but a view like this would up my game.  Do you see what this table top is sitting on?  So simple and inexpensive...not sure what the wire is called, but I know they sell it in sheets at HomeDepot...just bend it into a circle and viola, you have a desk....clever.

We all know how I feel about a bedroom with french doors that open to a patio...that would be my number two request if I were on HouseHunters...

...this living room is a gorgeous example of thrift chic...I love every piece...especially the huge photo of a smiling baby...It gives the room an updated, hip, young, feeling...If it were a painting of flowers instead...the room would have a totally different feel. hair and make up goal...I'm growing out my brows as I type...It's not cute.

...Oh, I'd decorate Mini's room like this...tone on tone, very ethnic room makeover for Mini this year...were throwing a party...a Sweet 16 Party...we have lots to celebrate...
So, please forgive me if the blog goes a little sweet for the next couple of weeks...I'm looking at dresses, purple decorations, listening to the party of ideas of a 16 year old girl is a full time gig and I'm loving every moment of it...You all know our story...Sweet 16 was once only a dream...


  1. Where do I begin? That art with the 3-d dress, yes, wonderful idea! You should make a couple and sell them in your shop. And yes, that desk is very clever. That last bedroom, how peaceful and beautiful it is.

    1. I DIY'd my own tie dye jeans last night...turned out pretty good...will post tomorrow...

  2. All of these had great ideas.

    I like the picture blow up and found a site on line that can do it:

  3. The wire under the desk is referred to as "Chicken Wire" (at least it is in the south:)

  4. That 3d art piece is sweeping my soul! Is there any information on the artist?

    1. Hi Paula,
      I'm really bad at linking back to the source...lazy. I can't remember where I found that piece...but, if I come across it again...I'll post it here...

    2. Hey Paula,

      I found the original source...a design can contact them and ask where the painting is from...good luck.

    3. So, I found out from the design firm that the piece is one of a kind and was purchased years ago. *sigh* If you ever decide to recreate and sell.....I want one :-)


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