Annual Wedding Post...Who's that Girl?

Wedding/Prom season is here...and I'm just sharing a couple of looks I'm loving for wedding season...

How beautiful is this dress?  ...the flower in the hair and the hair itself are perfection.

 How cute are they?  Beautiful wedding photography...I used to be all into the candid wedding I'm really feeling the posed pics...and black and white over color any day.
A black wedding dress...Hum.  Would you dare...I think "she" looks great.

 ...One long table is ideal over lots of round tables.

 ...cute and the picture frames on the table and the letters on the back of the chairs...

...Colors are great!  Runners at each seat instead of place mats...this could be cute for Mini's sweet 16 table... 

...candid (didn't I just say I don't like them...I do, sometimes.) photos of the first family at their wedding.

Meet Monique...

My passion for making handmade cards and stationery blossomed when I began creating invitations and cards for friends and family...then I started planning daughter’s Annual Christmas parties that she hosted with her best friend.  At one point my mother said to me, “You need to do something with this”.  I never thought about it before, but that is how Ajih Creations came about.  I began with making handmade notecards, as well as doing customized favors and baskets.  I am now selling product in one local boutique and just got added to another.

Creating a blog was always in the back of my mind, but not until after reading and talking with Soul Pretty did I take it seriously.  She really encouraged me to do it…and I’m so glad I did, that’s how, “a creative girl, living in a country world” my creative and lifestyle blog came to be.  The blog explore trends in various “creative” fields as well as highlighting “creative people”, integrating the occasional “guest editor, giveaways and other fun filled things!  Stop by anytime… 

To learn more about Monique or Ajih Creations contact her at or visit:


  1. Well thank you ms. Donna :) I pray some of your readers will tinker on over and join me as well. Also, that lamp on your work space is adorable as is the kitchen. You get it sister :)

    1. Your with you soon.

  2. Oh wow!! That long table was stunning! Fantasy dinner party for me (since my wedding was 22 years ago!) I love that candid shot of the President and Mrs!! So cute! I hadn't ever seen it!


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