All the cool bloggers have one...

 and now I do too...well, kind of.

 I picked this up at a very random store in my know one of those stores that looks like a dollar store but everything in there is more than a dollar...

I love how it hangs right over the screws or hand tools needed. we have plenty of space to "hang it all"

and like I said, "all the cool bloggers have one." 

It's actually called the "Hang it All" it was designed by the famous husband and wife design team known as Ray & Charles Eames.  They originally designed the 1953 piece for their own quickly became a design icon. 

View this video to learn all about this dynamic design duo.  Fascinating to design geeks like myself .

...and just in case your feeling crafty...and want to make one yourself...there's a tutorial for here.


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