Soho Trip...

...random photos from our trip to Soho a few wknds ago...

 ...We visited Crate and Barrel for a little window shopping...Mini fell in love with this $115.00 Marimekko bag...Ah, no.  Mama can make that...just add it to my list of projects.  It was cute.

Mini also fell in love with this bedding and headboard in Crate and Barrel...pretty.

I fell in love with everything in the Shabby Chic store...sigh.
This blogger did a better post of the store with more here.

...including this $181.00 wooden cross...UGH!

...Mini looks so tired in this photo...she still doesn't have the energy for a day full of walking...she was so ready to go home.

...Soho is famous for it's street vendors.  You can buy almost anything on the sidewalk.

...stopped by one of my favorite shops for browsing and inspiration, Pearl River Mart.  They sell everything and anything asian inspired for your body, soul, and home.  If your ever in NYC you should stop by...Everything is inexpensive...from food to fashion.  If your not in NYC, you can visit their website...

 ...Like I said, you can buy almost anything on the street in Soho...including cupcakes.  Yum!  My red velvet cupcake was delish...Mini's Oreo cupcake, not so much...

Big fun...heading home.


  1. Really nice pictures. I enjoyed this tour... Mini is so cute!

    Just about everything you showed, you could make. How cool is that.

    I think the polka dot bag is similar to your black and white polka dot: just a tad longer and perhaps a twill fabric...

  2. Hey Sandra, your right about the bag...I told Mini, I have that fabric at home...kinda reminds me of the stand up routine Eddie Murphy does, where he talks about wanting McDonald's and his mom telling him she can make

  3. Looks like a nice day of shopping and window shopping. I was in Crate & Barrel wishing I had an unlimited budget for the home.

  4. Ahh to live in The City! That's exactly what I would have said about the bag, mamma can make that! lol :) The large Dwell dot fabric would also make the perfect bag :)

    I enjoyed the tour of Soho

  5. Hey Sing, a dollar and a dream girl.

  6. Hey Mrs. Chic,

    Thanks for reminded me, a jaded New Yorker, not to take living in this city for granted...I mean, I can be broke and for just $2.50 and a 30 minute train ride, I can be in Soho, soaking up inspiration and 30 minutes later, be home...I need to remember to be a little more thankful.

  7. Pearl River Mart is my store! I go there for the food products and the cookware on the lower floor!

    I just went there two weeks ago for Bamboo shades, but alas, they didn't have the size I needed.

    Great post!


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