The lamps have landed...

...remember my thrifted lamps?  Well, they made it into my bedroom last week.  For now, i'm using a pair of old lampshades that were hanging around in my closet.
...that's my $20 IKEA headboard...Don't get's been discontinued.  I hung it a little higher on the wall...It was out of scale with the it's just right.  The crochet blanket was a gift from my mom...Love.
...the lamp is resting on my thrifted table...remember that?  $9.99 and I painted it white...I love this has tons of storage and right now it's holding fabric...

...remember the red and white pillows I made from a pillow case...? Love.
...hiding out on the mannequin is a robe I made a while ago.
...One of the thrifted painting I found...temporarily resting on my painted bookcase.
...quick photo of my make shift dressing table...UGH!  I really, really, really need a new camera...these pics are bad.


  1. The room is so welcoming... I love it. Actually the lamp shades are fine because the figurines on the lamp stand out.

    1. Sandra,

      I love those lamps...even though I just bought two more lamps yesterday...uGH! Somebody stop me!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sing,

      I just need another camera to take better photos...

  3. i totally love your room-------how have you and ms. mini been?

    1. Hey, we are great! How have you been? Haven't heard from ya for a while...I know school is busy wrapping up...summer break soon.


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