Breakfast of Champions

I have joined the green juice craze...blogs are so influential...they wore me down, I got tired of reading about all the great benefits and decided to try it for myself.  Don't judge a drink by the way it looks...yuck! ...this drink is kidding...I thought it would taste like dirt...nope...I feel full, no cravings...and I have more energy...Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Mini tried it too...she said it taste good...but, it's not something she would just make on her   Oh, only if mommy make it?

This is what I put in mine...I don't stick to any recipe...I use whatever is in my it was baby carrots, handful of spinach, a pear that was going bad, a squeeze of lemon, a little water and ice....blend it up and viola...3 servings of fruit and veggies in one meal...

Read all about the benefits of drinking green juice here .


  1. My friends have been trying to convince me to join the juicing craze. I think tonight I will try it with spinach.

    1. Hey Sing, try's really easy and it taste sure to add the ice and lemon...I thought the lemon would make it sour...but, it actually cuts the flavor of the veggies...Let me know what you think...Your body will thank you. Check out the site I linked also...she has ton's of other healthy, easy eating tips...

  2. These green drinks are actually really good! my mom got me into them. I really like to add pineapple and banana for smoother texture and extra sweetness.

  3. I've had some green drinks that are good too. But I've often wondered why I have an aversion to the color green for juices...
    Have you ever had wheat grass in your Jamba juices? It really powers up the drink.


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