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First thing, this is not my home...I just think it's an excellent example of how a simple corner can be turned into a special space with very little effort.

1.  They cleared the books and clutter off the bottom shelf and replaced them with a simple basket
2.  They used the same lamp and added pretty accessories, pictures, books, vases to the table top
3.  Place your favorite pillow in the chair
4.  They hung random frames and photos across both walls.  Take a close look at the images...there is a mix of photos and artwork...If you don't have any photos to display...cut some inspirational images from your favorite magazine...put them in a frame and viola...instant art.  This gallery wall is successful because the frames are  placed at table height and go all the way to the ceiling.  You could really hang anything on the walls here...  plates, masks, jewelry, anything...Let your imagination run wild.


  1. Nice inspiration. I like that the frames are different finishes.

  2. Simple fix. Thanks for the tips; especially about images for the frames...

  3. Isn't it cute. I can imagine myself sitting there...opening my mail...talking on the phone...

  4. I love this look. I love the randomness of the frames. I wonder if I could pull this off in my house.

    1. Try's not hard...just pick a corner and go at it...thanks for commenting and have a great weekend.


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