Thursday's Thought...

...I would pack up everything and move to California, open a store and live near the ocean.  How about you?


  1. Loved your answer! Interesting how everyone is different. We moved from SoCal 12 years ago and have never looked back. My answer would be to put our house up for sale, but a smaller one and have no mortgage!

  2. Smile...I like that idea mortgage. My fear of earthquakes is stopping me from moving to the west coast...but, the idea of that never happening...and I'm there.

  3. Having lived in LA for 40 years, and experiencing many large earthquakes, I have huge fear of them, as well! I was back in LA a few weeks ago helping my 19 year old daughter get settled in her first apt in Hollywood and thankfully, there weren't any earthquakes while I was there. I do love the beaches there, though...Seal Beach, Laguna, pretty!

  4. In my wildest imagination: I would open a store that's decorated like a home and get all the accessories and furnishings from artists like yourself. Different artists could decorate each room with their items for sale on consignment.


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