Things I'd much rather be thinking about this weekend.


 I'm not talking anymore about the wonderful project I'm working on...wink!  UGH!  I'd much rather think about these things...Have a great weekend!
...note to self, I need to pick up a fake pony tail this weekend...I'm not finding much time to fuss with my natural hair lately...especially when I want to just get up and go.

...I imagine being here.

...this is how I look in my

Oh, to look so put together without much effort.

 ...I'll need a little sugar rush to help me get across the finish line...with no time to bake, I'll head over to this cute little bakery and pick up my sugar fix this weekend.

 ...I have been holding on to this image hoping to make similar need.  I found a very similar pair...thrifted.

...Mini's turning 16 this summer and a sweet 16 party is being planned...

...I'd really like to sit and sew tops like this all day...sigh. terrace is a wreck.  I recently put some plants out there just to get them out of the way...I'm looking at them as I blog...sigh...soon it will be my favorite room in the house...I would love to see nothing but green like this out there...anyone know how to grow vines on a ceiling?


  1. I SO feel you on the hair thing. Sometimes I get some good old H2O and "fluff" it, then put on some huge earrings. I like the outfit effortlessly put together. Thats also a "cut the neck out of a T-shirt and jeans day"

    Ah.. sweet 16. Fun times!

  2. maybe do real vines on a trellis for the sides up to the ceiling and then do fake vines for the ceiling:

  3. Sandra, Sandra, are a clever lady...fake vines on the ceiling...brilliant...I see them all the time in the dollar store...sigh. I love the else would I ever meet such cool, clever people...have a great weekend.

  4. my outdoor tiny patio is a mess too. one day i swear, i'm going to have a decent, no, amazing outdoor space to spend time. hey, we have to just keep thinking that way right? right. hope your weekend was relaxing!


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