Teaching Mini New Tricks

So, I have to confess...before this competition, Mini was not a fan of fencing...when her team mate asked, "are you ready?" the conversation went like this...

Mini:  No...I don't like it.
Team mate:  Why are you doing it?
Mini:  Looking at me...
Team mate:  Your mom's making you do it?
Mini:  Yep.
Team mate to me:  College application?
Me:  Yep...I like you kid...

Isn't that a moms job...to broaden their kids horizon...I mean, it's a big world out there...and kids don't always know what's right for them...or what they are going to benefit from in the future...that's why we make them take vitamins right?  Not for today...but, for the future...
Any-who...after the tournament, I asked Mini if she liked it...to which she responded, "it was more fun then I thought it would be"...score another one for mom.

exercise...priceless, right?...she could be home sitting on the coach (lmao)...I mean, couch...lol... watching Basketball Wives...UGH!

...Mini meet some really nice kids

Mini and her coach...

Mini in action...

I know there are a lot of photos, but, I don't want to lose them on my computer...so, I'll just keep them here...


  1. I think this is AWESOME!!

    I don't know if you are told this often but I feel I must say it. You are a GREAT mom. Your daughter is going to be so well rounded. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  2. Really cool. You're right on about the exposure. A child can always try and then later it gives them the confidence to try new things. Isn't that what life is about? confidence and trying new things? You gave her some life skills(not just a sport)
    Good mom award.

  3. Great cuz we have to keep this young pre-adults busy, show and teach them that there is more to life then just shopping dressing up with the latest fashion and watching the reality t.v shows. There's more to life.

  4. Ladies you know I'm co-signing on everything you said...

  5. This is so awesome. And right on (sounding like JJ from Good times) about scholarships.

    Honey, I wish I would have fenced or played cricket...or something!

    Good job Mini's Mom!

  6. GFS...I learned in my adult life that I'm a natural at ice skating...lol. I would always tell my mom that she missed the opportunity to have an Olympic Ice Skater as a daughter...lol...to which she would just roll her eyes....but, I was serious...so, I feel you girl.


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