Look of the Day...Denim on Denim...Yes or No

It's a yes for me...gotta thrift a couple new denim shirts...and are gladiator sandals back this summer?  I hope so...I have about 3 pairs...


  1. Hmmm, I dig it, but it can be hit or miss, particularly if the shades of denim "match" too closely. The model pulls it off nicely, and I like the gladiator sandals--they're a win!

  2. I love it too...and depending on the individual pieces, it's can look downtown cool or very preppy and polished. Did you know this look's also called the 'Canadian tuxedo'? haha

  3. I luv the comfort of a denim shirt...better than jeans...

  4. Kat...Canadian tuxedo...lol...never heard that one...

  5. I think it all depends on the shoes. A perfect look for Spring!
    Been lurking here for a while. I really like your site!

  6. Hello Manisha, welcome...it looks like denim on denim is a winning look....and gladiators are back for spring...and it looks like spring is here to stay in the NYC...YEAH!


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