I've been shopping...or should I say, "thrifting"?

 ...so, my old bookcase (here, more on what I did with it later) no longer works in the bathroom...took up too much space...so I got myself a couple of cheap, $1.99 each, wall shelves from IKEA...they work much better.
 ...then I went thrifting and bought a boat load of accessories to style the shelves.

 ...Spent around $25.00 bucks on the lot...and that includes a wonderful little stool that didn't make the photo shoot.

...everything you see was less than $2.00 each...including the cute little calendar...love it.


  1. cant wait to see the results!

  2. I'm at the edge of my seat...

  3. Ah exciting! I love your pieces. I am so attracted to glass containers for some reason. Bath salts to loofahs, you can store it all beautifully.

  4. Thrift stores in New York has the ones in Tampa beat by a mile and I know as usually Im going to be jealous and wanna copy you when you are done. When you get a chance can you (i know you are swamped) can you do the tutorial for the no-sew dress.

  5. Hey Armanda...I will do that post...thanks for reminding me...

  6. I like the wall shelves and I can't wait to see all your finds styled on them.


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