$47.00 and a thrifting haul dream

...take a look at my latest thrifting haul.  I spent a grand total of $47 bucks for the entire lot...yeah!
My local Savers Thrift store is having a 50% off all winter clothing...had to go.

This is my attempt at taking one of those cool fashion blogger photos I love so much...not too bad.
cotton button down shirt $4.99 + 30% off

 Button down gingham shirt $5.99 + 30% off

 Cotton Raime Oversized Cowl Neck Sweater - New - $3.99 + 50% off
Love...because it's cotton...I can see myself rocking it during a cool spring evening with the white jeans below...

 Delia, White Jeans - New $7.99 + 30% off
Love these...they fit perfectly...

Crate and Barrel Iron Candle Holder - the sales lady let me have it for $5.00 - Yes.
Can't wait to use it in my bedroom...I'll stack it with candles and place it in my fireplace mantel...so romantic.

Leather Raffia wrapped wedge sandal - $6.99 + 30% off
...Looks just like every other summer sandal I own...but how could I resist?  They are brand new... 

Drumroll please...
Frye Moccasin - All leather - $9.99 + 50% off
I spent about 2 hours in the thrift store...was heading to the checkout...an aisle was blocked by a baby carriage...so I went around and what did I spy????  These beauties.  My heart started beating fast as I thought to myself, "how much are you will to pay?  They are probably too expensive...this is a thrift store known for asking $35.00 for a pair of used Nikes"...I was ready to blow the budget and put back everything I had already accumulated in my cart...didn't have to...they were practically free!  I love when that happens.

 I thought Mini would be excited when she saw them...I mean, she has been talking about getting a pair of moccasins for the last week.  I couldn't wait to show them to her...You already know what my preppy, 15 year old daughter said when she saw them, "Uh...no!"  LOL!  I'm glad we wear the same size...and I was secretly hoping she didn't like them so I could have them all to myself...smile.

 Lovely beaded house shoes - $2.99 + 30% off

Not thrifted...I found this during my closet clean out...love when that happens. 

 Beautiful Metal Japanese Tray - $1.99 + 30% off
...Now, do I need another tray?  No.  I just donated two...but, this one was too pretty to pass up...the shape and colors are so unusual.  Can't wait to sit it on my terrace table.

 Heavy Portable Table - $10.00

 Three donation boxes waiting for pick-up...I still have one more closet to go through before I donate these things...I told you before...now is the best time to thrift...everyone is getting rid of stuff...and one man's trash could be your treasure...

 I needed this table...I'll soon be taking my things to the street...a sale table at the flea market that is...I come across so many cool things while thrifting, I could really make some money if I just stop procrastinating and get a space at the flea market...that is next weeks assignment...

 The rest are random images of my finds in their new home...


  1. AH Great finds! I am looking for white jeans and cute button downs.. hopefully i will have your luck. I know that feeling, when you saw the moccasin booties. The tray and the candle holder are wonderful! Good stuff.

  2. Hi Armanda, I know you can appreciate how excited I was when I saw the boots...and the price...smile. Have a good weekend.

  3. Wow, great finds. No one can tell me NY doesn't have the best thrift stores. Ours really suck here. I've only found a couple things at the Savers here, I need to try another location.

  4. Hey Sing, let me know if you visit NYC and I'll take you thrifting...Just bring a big empty suitcase...have a good weekend.

  5. Wow girl everything looks wonderful.Wish I had a chance to go yesterday

  6. Wow girl everything looks wonderful.Wish I had a chance to go yesterday

  7. Once again Im totally jealous, those boots are to die for, I actually gasped when I saw them and then the price....no fair. You have a knack for finding the best stuff.

  8. You look so good in all of these finds. Great purchases. Soul Pretty...

  9. Thanks guys...Karen, the winter sale is still going on...check it out this weekend.

  10. OK, we live in the same state and I NEVER find cool stuff when thrifting! And I know where the great ones are...I just never find anything. I did score when the Flea Market used to be on 23rd street, when they moved to Hell's Kitchen, I find nothing. I'm going to try Brooklyn Flea again.

    Oh and seriously, I need your apartment..(serious...)

  11. Hey girly just stopping by. You got some great finds! Love the gingham blouse! xoxo

  12. Hey Moni girl...You have to be patient...I spend at least 2 hours each time I visit...and I'll let you know when I sell my apartment...lol.

    Hey Tami...thanks.


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