Video Tuesday...Who's that girl?

...The second person up in my "Who's that Girl" series is the talented actress, Issa Rae.  Check out her blogwebsite and Youtube channel.
The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl follows the title character and friends as she navigates through life, love and awkward situations. Check out the official site of the series at

Mini and I laughed our a#$ off this weekend.  We watched every episode.  It's kinda like the tv show, The Office... This is the first in a series of about 12 episodes. You should watch them in order from the's kinda like a soap opera. Everyone involved in this project is so talented and funny...well written and well shot...


  1. So funny...why isn't this on t.v.? Well, actually...I'm glad it's not on tv...then I couldn't watch it whenever I wanted.


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