Today is my birthday...

 ....that's me, second little girl from the left...with the white turtleneck and jumper.  I have no memory of this party...I believe it was for my cousin, Robbie...I love how my entire family was there...sweet.
I hope to see most of the people in this photo at my b-day party this memory...that would be great!'s another b-day party for my cousin Robbie...that's him cutting his cake with me and my sister looking on...just look at me...all excited, hands in can now say, "I've loved cake all my life."


  1. Happy Birthday, many blessings on your special day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday SP. Thanks for sharing the family photos. I love vintage photos of our beautiful black people. Can't wait until you share the remake.


  3. Thanks guys...I can't wait to see how many people from this pic show up tonight...You know I'll have lots of pics next week...unless of course I'm dancing so hard and forget the

  4. My time does fly...can you believe it?
    Happy Birthday...

  5. Happy B Day! I'm sure the party is going strong right now! Enjoy!

  6. you look so excited for that cake! you still have the same beautiful smile. happy happy birthday!!!


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