Make A Wish..., The Marty Lyons Foundation is a wish organization that grants wishes to children suffering with life threatening illnesses. (Thank you Marty Lyons!) Mini's wish was to go on a cruise in the middle of winter.  Well, let me tell you...the Marty Lyon's Foundation made her wish come true and then some.
They sent our family on an all expense paid cruise to the Bahamas.  The people on-board the Carnival Fascination Ship went above and beyond to make Mini's dream come true.  We toured the entire ship...had a mother daughter day in the spa, meet with the captain, chocolate covered strawberries every night in our room, special cake and song in the dinning room, private magic show...spent the day at the Atlantis Resort in Bahamas, 3 passes to ride horses on the beach...a gift basket with almost everything from the gift shop a kid could want...we went behind the scene and meet the cast of their broadway show...where Mini brought one of the dancers to it turns out, she two had a bone marrow transplant just 8 years ago...and meeting Mini reminded her of how far she has come...they told Mini to come back when she's ready to be a  You don't have to tell her twice.   It was amazing! Here are some of my snap shots...

 Mini and I with the cast backstage...

 Mini had a private photo shoot on the beach...everyone was walking by asking, "who's that?"

 ...this was waiting in our room when we arrived...bubbly and fruit basket...yum!

 I entered a cocktail mixing contest and came in first place...BAM BAM Tequila...don't ask what was in it...a lot of banana and peach flavors and lots of was sooooo good!

...a couple drinks in...getting ready for dinner.

Atlantis, Bahamas...sigh.

Mini looking all colorful...

 ...the sign says it all...

....the head maitre'd...did you know the employees on the ship are from all over the world...and they work for 4 months days off...and then they go home for 2 months straight?  Think about that while your at work today... tour.

...Limo to and from airport...yeah baby.
Mini's beach photo shoot...

Let me just share a little of Marty Lyons story with you all...

Marty Lyons was a professional football player in the National Football League, where he served for twelve years as a premiere defensive lineman for the New York Jets.  Early in his career, Marty befriended and became a surrogate father to a three-year-old boy suffering from an advanced illness.  Three years later, in the spring of 1982, the youngster’s death coincided with the sudden death of Marty’s father and the birth of his first child, a healthy son.  These experiences profoundly affected Marty’s attitude toward life, fame and his fellow human beings.  With the encouragement and assistance of family and friends, Marty Lyons became determined to establish a foundation dedicated to granting wishes of seriously ill children.

I have been so touched and moved by all the generous, selfless people that I have met while on this journey with Mini and I have to do something to give back...I have an idea and I can't wait to share it with you guys and ask for your help...Have a Great Weekend...


  1. Wow this is truly an amazing story and journey for both of you. Sounds like they rolled out the red carpet and you guys got the royal treatment fit for two beautiful queens.

  2. God is so good!!! Everytime I read this blog I feel blessed. Thank you for sharing Mini's story with us. She is one special girl.

    You are an amazing mother. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Ohhhh. Thank you so much ladies...I'm not always sure that I should share so much...Dawnya, just hearing how you feel about reading my blog let's me know it's's touching people the way I hoped...Not to brag...but, to encourage...If it can happen for can happen for you...just believe.

  4. When I tell you they treated us like celebrities...sigh...just beautiful. I'm ready to book my next cruise right

  5. Oh what a beautiful trip. And the most beautiful thing of all is that you both were there to experience it.

    What a true blessing. If ever you get the blues, these are the times worth remembering. Truly this is what it means to count each day as a blessing.

    There is no price on life.
    Thank you for this post. It put everything in perspective...

  6. Yes, exactly can't put a price on life. I would take forever for Mini and I to save up and afford an experience like this...and life showed us that we didn't have to...sometimes life just happens. We will remember it forever...

  7. So glad you had a wonderful time!! I was itching for pics!! Cruising is my favorite way to vacation and especially to the Bahamas!!! Glad you're back safe & sound!!!

  8. Great post, wonderful images. I recall Marty Lyons, yet I had no idea as to this particular story. Thanks for sharing...

    I've acquired a taste for tequila myself within the past year - Patron, 1800.

  9. Hey Don,

    Pass the Patron...with a champagne

    Hey Tami, was great!


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