Lunch Anyone?

Do you make your kids lunch?  I do...because of Mini's medical condition, I have always packed her lunch.  It was an easy way for me to control what she eats during the day.  Mini is in high school now and they go out to lunch...but, I still try to control what she eats... So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across this beautiful blog.  It's full of bento lunch box ideas...check it out.
...great idea for taking lunch to work too.


  1. I've been looking for bento lunch style boxes for myself! So glad you shared this :)

    My 11yr old makes his lunch, but i monitor what goes it it :) and i love making our little guy's (8mo) baby food :)

  2. Hey Mrs. can buy the bento boxes on Amazon...

  3. What a cool idea! My son hates his school lunches

  4. Tami, I know...when I pack a lunch for Mini, all her friends try to eat it...


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