Design. It's not always pretty...until it's or grey?

GREEN, I'm working on this office project.  I chose to paint the walls green...client doesn't like it...they think...they want it grey...???


this is the space before the green wall went up...

After green wall is up with an orange pony wall...we created a separate office suite by putting up this wall...but now they're is no access to the only bathroom in the office without walking thru the lobby/hallway...sigh.  So...we need to put a door in the wall.  Design.  It's not always pretty...until it's pretty.

So, here's my new to do list...

1.  add a door to the new wall
2.  pick another color (grey?) for the wall and get it painted


  1. I think grey will look nice, but I agree with you green is fun! Not sire boring in a workplace :) Maybe a deeper blue or turquoise or another shade of green?

  2. Hey Mrs. Chic...I was thinking about's a tech company, full of men...and you know men love the color blue...thanks for confirming my thoughts...enjoy your weekend...

  3. Ah man I like that green wall, it has so much energy.

  4. I too like the green. Maybe a blue grey?

  5. what work...I can imagine its hard when you have a vision and your client can't see it...good luck with this project.

  6. Ugh! Sandra, frustrating is not the word...but, I will deliver to their satisfaction.

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